Welcome to The Wright Place!

I am Jan Wright, PhD.

I am in the business of helping you restore your life.

Are you not the person you used to be or not the person you want to be? Many factors contribute to an individual’s under-performance: Acute physical illness or bodily accident, chronic illness or emotional malady, systematic erosion of health from occupation, family demands or unhealthy living… These aren’t necessarily irreversible.

The basic idea behind what I offer is looking for the glitches in your life, they can be anything… You may need to stop a behavior or simply start doing something or saying something in a little different way… and get you back on the right path.

Are you struggling financially, physically or emotionally? Many times while we are so focused on what we want or don’t have, we neglect to appreciate what we do have. With the techniques I have available we can begin to get your life back on track…  You will be amazed at the rapid transformation that can happen in a short period of time.  In many cases making changes in diet or adding a clinically designed whole food supplement can give you the boost required to move forward. I can help you identify the things you need to stop or start and make you accountable and responsible for those changes. We each are truly capable of making all changes necessary to live the life of our dreams. My mission to to help you live yours.

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