About Dr. Jan

Jan Wright Ph.D brings a unique blend of knowledge to any session. In healthcare since 1975, she has a wealth of information to draw from.

In today’s world you are faced with a massive amount of information to sort thru and decide what could work for you (the individual) in terms of wellness and success. In a consultation with Dr. Jan you can expect both nutritional recommendations and programs, such as Positive Points and Integrations, techniques which clear the field around you and in you so that you can achieve your very best in health, happiness, career and family. Whatever your challenge, health, job loss, family breakdown, there are choices available to restore your life.

In August of 2000 Dr. Jan began studying Geotran (Geotran is the base 12 digital geometric language of creation) which includes Gems of Excellence and Solutions.

Dr. Jan is an inspired nutritional counselor and Geotran practitioner. In combination with Geotran, Dr. Wright specializes in Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA), which is a simple, safe, natural method of determining if a person has a nutritional imbalance that could be contributing to various acute or chronic health problems.  CRA seeks out nutritional indicators at sub-clinical levels, when the person may not be aware of them, nor could any modern method of testing detect them.  With the use of CRA, a great degree of accuracy is possible, and nutrition can be adjusted to support the body’s physiological and biochemical processes.
One-hour sessions are recommended and two-hour sessions allow the participant to experience results that can be miraculous, with everything from increased learning ability to relief from years of chronic pain and limitation.  Telephone sessions are available and clients can also be scheduled for longer intensive sessions.
As a certified Geotran instructor, Dr. Jan is offering the following
Gems of Excellence classes:
  • Introduction to Gems
  • Gems I 
  • Gems II
These programs are designed for educators, business and health professionals, and the layperson.  In Gems of Excellence, the focus is on simple techniques to re-educate and integrate whole brain functions for greater ease in making life choices and improved performance in life purposes.
By request,  Dr. Jan is happy to speak to large or small groups about nutrition, Gems of Excellence, or motivational talks such as What You Focus on Expands!  

Dr. Jan continues to study with cutting edge researchers in both nutrition and Geotran Fields. We create our World with our speech and choices in all areas of our lives. What you focus on does expand! When something happens in our life that traumatizes us (and it will) our choice of how we deal with it will dictate how we come through it.

Dr. Jan’s specialty is giving you the tools and techniques to guide you through life’s traumas to reach your highest potential.

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